Minggu, 18 Desember 2011

English Debating Championship

Yesterday, Saturday, December 17th 2011

That was a damn great tiring and wonderful day. Do you know guys? I have to pass such a competition named "English Debating Championship". It was hold by EDCOM (himpunan mahasiswa jurusan yang menaungi jurusan sastra inggris UNS).

Actually, I have registered with my two partners, they are Mahardhika Bhekti Prasetyo and Nurrahma Restia F.. Do you think that it is such a thing to suicide? yeaah, haha I realize that we are mad to join this competition. Because we know that our rival was coming from upper semester.

yaa, so what lah... we just wanna try, wanna get more experiences from this chance. so, we still moved on.

until the day, everything was going alright. But, we were saying sorry for this situation that we got a bad news that Rahma's grandpa passed away. We couldn't force her to still go to the competition with us. I thought that my team will be surrender and get disqualification.

But, when I arrived at my college, I was shocked when I knew that Rahma's position has been changed with Casandra Alexia (Mb Sasa). She is my upper semester and she has a lot of experiences in debating. So that's why, my team were going to semifinal easily by her. Yeaah, she was my savior. Until the final, I talked to Dhika so he would be a Reply speech to change Mb Sasa's position. And he agreed with my suggestion.

since the reply speech was changed by Dhika, the final's result said that my team was a runner up. :) Never mind then. I still thank to God.

and the last result is the best speaker of competition. Do you know guys??? I was the third best speaker!! haha how lucky am I! Alhamdulillah... but so far, I couldn't be satisfied soon with this result. Because I know that it was just a lucky. Astagfirullahalazim :')

haha yeaah, that's my story. how about you?

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