Kamis, 29 Desember 2011

try to answer

from te :
1. cheerleader or dancer. which one? why? :p - both of them :)
2. do you have a pet? what it is? - no, but I wish I have a couple of pigeon
3. do you like art? what kind? - yes, I do. hmm I prefer art of words or you can say "literature"
4. rock or jazz music? - jazz of course :)
5. what do you think about me? :p - curly, talkative, cheerful
6. if you can back to yesterday, what will you do? - I wish I could enjoy my sweet moments romantically with A.Y.I
7. what are you doing on weekend? - Go hometown (Semarang -.-)
8. do you have a boy/girlfriend? hihihi :p - NO! I am single but unavailable
9. what's your childhood name? - Cenul :*
10. do you like rain? tell me why :) - The temperature is getting cold, and it's so comfortable to hibernate :D
11. what do you think? I'm a student of JHS, SHS, or college? - emm, IDK haha

from irma :
1. Who's your favourite artist? - Afgansyah Reza & Robert Pattinson
2. Can you sing a song? - Just a little :p
3. Do you like playing music? What is it? - hmm... keyboard? may be
4. What's your hobby? - writing, swimming, shopping, etc.
5. Do you love your life? Tell me why! - Of course. My life is always going fun if I can get the lesson from each experiences which have to be passed.
6. Have you ever love someone who don't love you? - hahaha... yes, I have.
7. Can you explain how's your college or school now? - wow, it's so damn great college with a lot of best mates!
8. Can you dancing? - haha you can judge me more about this :p
9. What do you think about me? - S E X I !!! :*
10. Have you ever know me? haha - yes, you're my captain!
11. What do you think about my blog? - Good! :)

alhamdulillah... Well done, girls. thank you for your tagging. for newbie like me, it's fun thing to do! but I am sorry if I can't forward it to 11 others person. I still have a few followers :p

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