Selasa, 27 November 2012

IESA 2nd Summit, Brawijaya University

Well, actually it's too late for me to post this but some people told me than "better late than never". -alibi- xD This is about my story with all of my friends as delegations from my HMJ, EDCOM to join this event.

Now, starting from introducing "What is IESA?"
IESA is acronym of Indonesia ENGLISH Student Association". It is such a kind of National community for all of students which study in English Department from all Universities in Indonesia. Actually, it is only an association for gathering, because for formal Organization of English Department Students, we had already had IKAMABSII (Ikatan Mahasiswa Bahasa & Sastra Inggris se-Indonesia).

Then, "What have we got from this event?"
A lot of new friends of course :D We could meet people from different region with their own culture. How nice that was! We got some information from US Embassy, AMINEF for scholarship, and some games from American Corner.

Here are some photos that we could take...


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