Selasa, 29 Januari 2013

#SODC2013 was successfully done!

SODC (Solo Open Debate Championship) is the first event of National Debating Competition which was held in Surakarta (25-27 January 2013). It was actually presented by HMJ EDCOM FSSR UNS, but we corporate with some organization such as SEF UNS and Ndeso (Ngapak Debating Society) for holding this event.

This was first time for us to hold a big event with a lot of difficulties and sacrifices without our steering committee, Esty Dyah Imaniar who had to go to US because of her scholarship. We didn't expect too high because we're as a committee actually don't really understand about debating. We just do what we supposed to do, but then... Thanks God everything is on our hand because of Your approbation. So far so on, we got not only suggestions and evaluations but also praises from invited adjudicators and some of participants.

I would like to say thank you for RnD Division Squad of EDCOM and other Core of Committee : Mb Esty, Rahma (head of committe), Anggita, Nindy, Dhika, Mb Mifta, Haniek, DeviDephek, Ocha, and other committee of EDCOM who had helped us in holding this event.

and then for A-core: Mb Ernes, Nanda, Juli for good corporation with us, and all of invited adjudicators :) we're so glad to see you here anyway.

last but not least for all participants who had participated actively in this competition. Congratulation for Main Champion from EDS UGM A and the runner up from Not My Self (Brawijaya University), Novice Champion from Unnes A and the runner up from Formasi Newbie.

We realize that we still have a lot of mistakes in holding this event, we would like to say sorry too. But if you have some suggestions for evaluation, feel free to say it to us. So that's why, we hope we can hold #SODC2014 in a better condition than this :)

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